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Acting Tips For Kids

Children feature a lively capacity for imagination. Imagination is an important part of acting. Child acting auditions are many; however, you need to discover where to find them. When finding children auditions it is important for them to have agents. An agent helps to find the auditions on behalf of the kid or teenager.

Acting Tips

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The Art Of Improv: 5 Tips To Get You Started

The Art of Improv: 5 Tips To Get You Started

Just because it doesn’t include a script, it doesn’t mean that improve acting is easy. This is an art that requires fast thinking, teamwork, research, and a lot of imagination. Even if this is not included in your acting class, the following tips will help you improve your acting skills so your performances become more natural.

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Skills Learned From Acting

Valuable Life Skills Learned In The Acting Industry

Acting is a beautiful experience that demands an open-minded attitude and a readiness to learn as much as you can in the process. Acting classes are especially good for young children and teens because it will help them later in life. So what skills can you learn from acting? Take notes of the skills below that will be useful in every aspect of your life.

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How Drama Classes Typically Function

Drama Classes

Every acting class functions differently. What remains same is that every class imparts knowledge and makes sure the students have fun while learning. Some classes are arranged formally for theoretical learning with a separate spacing for acting performances. Other acting classes have informal table and chairs scattered around the room to encourage active discussions.

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Signs Of A Bad Actor

How To Spot A Bad Actor

Some actors receive praise while others receive negative comments and are branded “bad actors.” Read this short article to learn more about the traits of good actors and bad actors.


Actors that passionately express themselves in front of their audience are considered good actors. Bad actors are usually worried about looking “ugly” in front of their audience, so they hold back their emotions which makes for a poor performance.

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