Drama Activities For Kids

Drama Classes For Kids In Los Angeles

More and more parents are recognizing the usefulness of enrolling their kids in drama or acting classes at a young age. The benefits are countless and there are hardly any negative impacts. But kids being kids, are prone to boredom quickly. This is why one must make the classes interesting for them. Kids love games, so what better way to keep the kids hooked to acting classes than to incorporate some fun games which also help them with their acting!

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The Role Of A Producer

Movie Producers 

Film-making is an creative collaboration that sees art take form on a screen for the enjoyment of others. However, besides the creative, there are a variety of business related aspects of filmmaking that also need attention. That is where a movie Producer comes in as the business person that takes care of all the commercial and industrial elements of film-making.

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The Best Child Actors In Hollywood

Top Child Actors Today

Young talent is incredibly hard to find. So when successful kids show an incredible natural ability to set screens on fire, it’s a big deal. Here are some of the most successful child actors working in Hollywood today!

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The Role Of A Movie Director

Movie Directors

There are many moving parts to making a film. The most important role is that of the person that is responsible for ensuring all those parts are choreographed and work in unison to create a moving and dramatic story; the director.

Usually either employed by a Producer or the movie studio, the director of the movie is the one whose creative vision is conveyed in the film.

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Best Voice Actors In Hollywood

Voice Acting

Voice Acting is a thankless job. It’s not nearly as glamorous as regular acting because no one ever sees the actor’s face, and there is little to no glory from the fans. However, some of the best TV shows, movies, and most memorable characters in history has been immortalized by famous voice actors that most people don’t know. So here are some of the best voice actors in Hollywood.

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